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All Terrain Trolley

All Terrain transportation trolley capable of storing platforms, stairs, legs, side panels and guard rails. Various trolley sizes are available.

Universal Transportation Storage Trolley

Universal trolley - Ships in a flat pack. Accommodates 10 pcs of AT platforms

Trolley For Side Panels And Guardrails

Trolley for side panels and guardrails - Ships in a flat pack. Holds 20 pcs. of side panels or 8 pcs. of guardrails or 24 pcs of side panels and 10 pcs of guardrails ( if hung in a alternating upright/upside down pattern)

Trolley For At Legs

Trolley for AT legs - Ships in a flat pack. Accommodates 36 pcs of AT legs up to 40" ( 48" extensions are too long to fit in this trolley).

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