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Stage Leveling Tool

The All Terrain Stage Leveling Tool is designed to ensure that the stage surface is properly level. The Stage Leveling Tool achieves this by fitting into opposing legs of the lower stage assembly. A bubble level is incorporated in the center of the tool, which will indicate which legs need to be adjusted in order to properly level [...]VIEW MORE

Rubber Non-slip Mats For Indoor Use (4pk)

The Rubber Non-Slip Mats for Indoor Use are intended to protect wood, gym or carpeted floors. The Rubber Non-Slip Mats also add traction and ensure that the stage will not move during use on slick surfaces such as a gymnasium floor. The Mats simply slide between the flooring surface and the All Terrain Leg Base during assembly.

Atlbat16 - All Terrain Base Spike Adapters For Outdoor Use (16pk)

All Terrain Base Spike Adapters are intended for Outdoor use or on soft ground. The Base Spikes prevent the legs from moving or sinking into soft ground and allow the stage to be secure on almost any outdoor terrain.

Atlbwd - Adjustable Wedges For Stage Leg's Installation On Slopes (2pcs Per Master Pack)

Adjustable Wedges for Stage Legs are required when your stage needs to be set up on a sloped ground surface. The Wedges attach directly to the All Terrain Leg Base and are adjustable to almost any degree of slope. The wedge assembly includes a removable single All Terrain Spike should your stage be setup on loose or soft [...]VIEW MORE

Atle10 - Stage Leg Extensions

The All Terrain Stage Leg Extension is the core component of the Stage Leg Assembly that allows the legs to be height adjustable. The All Terrain Extensions allow a stage to be set up from 24-40” high.

Atsled - Short Stage Leg Extensions

The All Terrain Short Stage Leg Extension is a shorter version of the Stage Leg Extension. The All Terrain Short Stage Leg Extensions allow a stage to be set up from 24-32” high.

Atlb10 - Adjustable Stage Leg Bases

The All Terrain Adjustable Stage Leg Base allows for leveling of the stage by turning the incorporated screw jack mechanism. All leg accessories such a Rubber Mats, Slop Adjustment Wedges and All Terrain Spikes all attach to the Stage Leg Base. Stage Leg Bases are included with the Stage Leg Assembly, but we offer them as replacement and [...]VIEW MORE

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